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"What a
wonderful store, 
 so full of
color & everything!"
Mary, from Seattle
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Directions' Rewards Program

It's so easy:
Sign up for our newlsetter and we will 
enter you in our Rewards Program!

Here's how it works:

     1. Our system will track each purchase you make.
         When you have spent $200, you will automatically be entitled
         to a 10% discount on your next purchase.

     2. The system will tell us when you have earned a reward
         and it is available for redemption.

     3. Your rewards earned and your rewards redeemed will be printed
         on your receipt, as will the balance of the spending amount needed to
         qualify for your next reward.

     4. Returns will be subtracted from your current purchase tracking balance.

     5. Gift certificate purchases are not available to earn rewards.


Our Reward Program is one of the ways we 
for your loyalty and friendship.

if you do not wish to receive our newsletter
you may still sign up for our rewards program,
just come in and sign up!